The Ceryn Roh Saga

The Ceryn Roh Saga

The Ceryn Roh Saga

An epic fantasy trilogy

Sabine Rhyonselle, a Human, longs for the day when her people will be free but lacks the power to do anything about it.

Aodhan, warrior of the Aethel, has finally discovered the talisman that can restore his people, but this talisman can only be wielded by a Human, and his quest has brought him perilously close to death.

Koen, a Dryht, is an ambassador representing his people in a last desperate attempt to escape their imminent extinction

Chosen to wield the godstones of Torian, these representatives of their races must overcome generations of bitterness, suspicion, and fear incited by a betrayal centuries old if they hope to spare their people from the genocidal plan of the Rüddan.


Book One: The Healer’s Rune – Released January 19, 2016 by Brimstone Press

In the land of Ceryn Roh, a fey race known as the Rüddan wants to rule the world. After starting the War of New Dawn, they exterminated the Aethel, decimated the Dryht, and enslaved Humanity in all but name. Yet still they want more, and they won’t be satisfied until they are the only race left.

In the Human village of Khapor, Sabine Rhyonselle can stop this from happening. In order to do so, however, she must overcome her past to master the power inside, discover the location of an ancient magical talisman, and form an alliance between the races opposing the Rüddan. But how can she do that when one of those races no longer exists?

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