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An Agented Novelist!

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An Agented Novelist!

I did it!  I signed a contract to work with Sally Apokedek, of the Leslie Stobbe Literary Agency today.  I still continue to have a sense of peace about chosing this option over the other, and am excited an looking forward to working with Sally for a long time.

Sally’s vision for our partnership involves three steps: first she will read and critique the manuscript, then I will make edits based on her critique and, when that is finished, we will give it one final polish and send it out to find a home.

I am so very excited.


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What Have I Done?

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What Have I Done?
I have been corresponding with a prospective agent regarding representation for my book.  I told her, via e-mail last Friday, that I decided to go with the editor who offered me a contract because it was a guaranteed thing.  She replied that she was very sorry to hear it, because she really liked my story and my voice and thought that I could get placed with a larger publishing company.
As soon as I read her e-mail, my stomach dropped through the floor.
I worried, thought, and prayed about this for the next several hours, even dragging my husband into a conversation about it.  Eventually, I decided that the reason I was not a peace with my decision was because the Holy Spirit was prompting me to go with the agent.  So I sent an e-mail to the agent telling her as much and requesting that she call me if she was still interested in representing me.
Not even five minutes later, my phone rang.  We talked for two hours, and I hung up feeling more peaceful with this decision than I had with the other.  The only problem was, I had all but signed the contract for the editor.
The confirmation that I had made the right decision came when I told the editor about my decision and he wished me well and said if things did not work out with the major publishing houses, please reconsider publishing with his house.
That never happens.
So now I am no longer getting published for certain, but am going to work with a literary agent and will begin soliciting a publisher once more.
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